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PEGNet Conference 2007

Following contributions and presentations were given at PEGNet Conference Researchers Meet Practitioners, Berlin (Germany), September 6-7, 2007, and are publicly available (the first stated author was the speaker at the conference):


Andersen, Lykke E. (INESAD), Bent J. Christensen, Oscar Molina Tejerina: The impact of aid on recipient behavior: A micro-level dynamic analysis of remittances, schooling, work, consumption, investment and social mobility in Nicaragua

Basu, Arnab K. (College of William and Mary & ZEF), Nancy H. Chau: International trafficking of children and women: Cross-national evidence, theory and policy implications

Bigsten, Arne (Goeteborg University), Abebe Shimeles: Poverty transition and persistence in Ethiopia: 1994-2004

Boakye-Yiadom, Louis (University of Bath): Migration between Ghana's rural and urban Areas:The impact on migrants’ welfare

Busse, Matthias (HWWI), Steffen Groening: Does more aid to Africa lead to good governance?

Chapoto, Antony (Michigan State University), T.S. Jayne, Nicole Mason: Security of widows access to land in the era of HIV/AIDS: Panel survey evidence from Zambia

Czaika, Mathias (University of Freiburg), Krisztina Kis-Katos: Civil conflict and displacement; village-level determinants of forced migration in Aceh

Fehrler, Sebastian (University of Zurich), Katharina Michaelowa, Annike Weber: The cost-effectiveness of inputs in primary education: Insights from recent student surveys for sub-Saharan Africa

Frazer, Garth (University of Toronto), Johannes Van Biesebroeck: Trade growth under the African growth and opportunity act

Garcia-PeƱalosa, Cecilia (GREQAM, Marseille & CNRS), Theo Eicher, Tanguy van Ypersele: Education, corruption, and the distribution of income

Guenther, Isabel (University of Goettingen), Stephan Klasen: Measuring chronic non-income poverty

Harttgen, Kenneth (University of Goettingen), Michael Grimm, Stephan Klasen, Mark Misselhorn: A human development index by income groups

De Hoyos, Rafael (World Bank): Trade distortions, gender and poverty in agricultural economies: The case of Senegal

Kaija, Darlison (Makerere University): Income diversification and inequality in rural Uganda: The role of non-farm activities

Kang, Joong Shik (IMF), Alessandro Prati, Alessandro Rebucci: Aid, export, and growth: A time-series perspective on the Dutch Disease hypothesis

Kis-Katos, Krisztina (University of Freiburg): The working-schooling trade-off revisited: Market and domestic work of Indian children

Klasen, Stephan (University of Goettingen), Michael Grimm: Geography vs. institutions at the village level

Klonner, Stefan (University of Frankfurt), Harounan Kazianga: The intra-household economics of polygyny: Fertility and child mortality in rural Mali

Ku, Hyejin (Florida State University): Labor migration as price arbitrage: Evidence from Mexican workers in the US

Kurita, Kyosuke (WIDER), Takashi Kurosaki: Dynamics of growth, poverty, and inequality – panel analysis of regional data from the Philippines and Thailand

Launov, Andrey (University of Wuerzburg), Stephan Klasen: Conditional poverty gap

Lay, Jann (Kiel Institute), Matthias Basedau: Resource curse or rentier peace? The ambiguous effects of oil wealth and oil dependence on violent conflict

McKay, Andy (University of Sussex): Casual rural wage labour as a core poverty group: Evidence from Rwanda

Medvedev, Denis (World Bank), Maurizio Bussolo: Accelerated growth and MDG achievement in Ghana: A general equilibrium analysis of fiscal policy alternatives

Metzler, Johannes (University of Munich), Gabriel Demombynes: Connecting the unobserved dots: Informality, rising wage inequality and skill-biased technological change in urban Argentina, 1980-2002

Mukhopadhyay, Abhiroop (Indian Statistical Institute), Sanghamitra Das, Tridip Ray: Economic cost of HIV/AIDS in India

Muthoora, Priscilla (University of Oxford): The Macroeconomic and Welfare Implications of Public Spending Choices: A CGE analysis for Madagascar

Omar Mahmoud, Toman (Kiel Institute): The distructional effects of AIDS in Kenya

Orden, David (IFPRI), Caesar B. Cororaton: Poverty implications of cotton and textile policies in Pakistan: a CGE analysis

Schindler, Kati (DIW Berlin): Coping strategies of Rwandan widows in the post-genocide setting

Seebens, Holger (ZEF): One size fits all? Female headed households, access to resources and farming in Kenya

Selaya, Pablo A. (University of Copenhagen): Foreign aid and labor productivity

Xiaohua, Li (Peking University), Yaohui Zhao, Lili Lu: Effects of education on wage inequality in urban China: 1988-2003

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