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Papers presented at the PEGNet Conference 2008

Abdulai, A. (U of Kiel): Land Tenure Arrangements and Investment in Land Improvement Measures: Theory and Application to Rural Ghana

Ackah, C. (ISSER): Gendered Impacts of Agricultural Liberalisation: Evidence from Ghana

Amponsah, W.A. (Georgia Southern U): Rising Food Prices and Failure of Agricultural Trade Reforms: Can Poor African Countries Achieve Food Securityand Alleviate Poverty?

Arslan, A. (IfW, Kiel): Shadow vs. Market Prices in Explaining Land Allocation: Subsistence Maize Cultivation in Rural Mexico

Asfaw, S. (U of Hannover): Economic Impact of GlobalGAP Standards on African Producers: The Case of Horticultural Export from Kenya

Augsburg, B. (U of Maastricht): Microfinance Plus – Impact of the ‘Plus’ on Customers’ Income in Rural India

Becchetti, L. (Universita di Roma tor Vergata): Does Consumption Helps Education? The Effect of Fair Trade on Producers' Income and Schooling Decisions

Bedi, A.S. (ISS, The Hague): Tackling Daughter Deficit in Tamil Nadu, India

Berg, G. (KfW): Evaluating the Impacts of Microsaving: The Case of SEWA Bank in India

Breisinger, C. (IFPRI): Agriculture for Development in Ghana: New Opportunities and Challenges

Campos, N. (Brunel University, IZA and CEPR): Financial Liberalisation, Structural Reforms and Foreign Direct Investment: An Empirical Investigation

Dammert, A. (Carleton U/IZA): Heterogeneous Impacts of Conditional Cash Transfers: Evidence from Nicaragua

de Hoyos, F. (World Bank): Can Maquila Booms Reduce Poverty? Evidence from Honduras

Delarue, J. (AFD) / S. Mesple-Somps (DIAL): The Sikasso Paradox: Does Cotton "Reduce" Poverty?

Fofana, I. (U of Laval, Quebec): The Poverty and Gender Impacts of Trade Liberalization and Growth in Senegal

Giesbert, L. (GIGA, Hamburg): More Than Just Credit: Household Demand for (Micro)Financial Services in Rural Ghana

Grimm, M. (ISS, The Hague): Food Price Inflation and Schooling

Henson, S. (U of Guelph): Smallholder Participation in Higher-Value Markets: Prospects and Challenges for Donor Interventions

Hoeffler, H. (U of Leipzig): The Relevance of Agricultural Value Chain Promotion for Poverty Reduction – a Brief Look at Practitioners’ Perspectives

Klonner, S. (U of Frankfurt): Does ICT Benefit the Poor? Evidence from South Africa

Koch, S. (U of Pretoria): Child Mortality in Eastern and Southern Africa

Lensink, R. (U of Groningen): Outreach and Efficiency of Mecrofinance Institutionshair and Introductions

Metzler, J. (MGSE, Munich): Does the Second Teacher Matter? Effects on Enrollment and Grade Completion in Primary Single-Teacher Schools in Rural Peru

Osei, R. (ISSER): Determinants and Pro-Development Impacts of FDI in Ghana

Owusu, V. (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi): An empirical Analysis on the Determinants of Child Labour in Cocoa Production in Ghana

Pham, T. (U of Groningen): Is Microfinance an Important Instrument for Poverty Alleviation? The Impact of Microcredit Programs on Self-employment Profits in Vietnam

Sch√ľndeln, M. (Harvard University): Can Entrepre­neurial Activity Be Taught? Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Central America

Walters, B. / R. Marshall (u of Manchester): Flying Blind? Constructing Evidence based Poverty Reduction Policies in PRSP Adopting Countries

White, H. (3ie): 3ie and the expanding Impact Evaluation Agenda

Wiebelt, M. (IfW): Distributional Effects of FDI: How the Interaction of FDI and Economic Policy Affects Poor Households in Bolivia

Woolard, I. (SALDRU, U of Cape Town): The Impact of Unconditional Cash Transfers on Nutrition: the South African Child Support Grant

Wu, T. (U of Maastricht): Aggregate Shocks and How Parents Protect the Human Capital Accumulation Process: An Empirical Study of Indonesia

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