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Program and papers 2009


 PEGNet Conference 2009: Policies for Reducing 
Inequality in the Developing World

Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, 3-4 September 2009



Day 1
Registration, Room no. 1.31
Welcome and Introduction into Day 1 (Video):
Michael Grimm (ISS and PEGNet),
Louk de la Rive Box (Rector of ISS),
Manfred Wiebelt (Kiel Institute for the World Economy and PEGNet)
Keynote Address (Video)
Francisco Ferreira (World Bank): "Aggregate economic shocks, child schooling and child health"

Coffee Break
Parallel Sessions I
Room no 3.26
Room no 4.26
Room no 3.01
Room Aula A
Taxes and transfers
Human capital inequalities
Land and institutions
Health interventions
Chair and Introduction Manfred Wiebelt (Kiel Institute)
1. Berg, Marrit van den (Wageningen University) & V.C. Nguyen:  Impact of public and private transfers on poverty and inequality: Evidence from Vietnam
Discussant: Rainer Thiele (Kiel Institute)
2. Levine, Sebastian (UNDP, Namibia) et al.: Measuring the impact of social cash transfers on poverty and inequality in Namibia 
Discussant: Andrea Vigorito (Universidad de la Republica)
3. Muller, Christophe (Université de Cergy-Pontoise) & S. Bibi: Focused transfer targeting against poverty - evidence from Tunisia
Discussant: Dario Debowicz (University of Sussex)
Chair and Introduction
Guillermo Cruces (CEDLAS)
1. Hoyos, Rafael E. de (Under-Ministry of Education, Mexico): 
Education and social mobility in Mexico
Discussant: Peter A.G. van Bergeijk (ISS)
2. Rawlings, Samantha (Dept. of Economis and Finance, Bristol, UK): Gradients of the Intergenerational transmission of health in developing countries
Jan Priebe (University of Goettingen)
3. Pieters, Janneke (Groningen Growth and Development Center): 
Can education account for inequality changes in India? (paper available from author)
Discussant: Jos Mooij (ISS)
Chair and Introduction
Aslihan Arslan (Kiel Institute)
1. Sobhee, Sanjeev (University of Mauritius): Do better institutions shrink income inequality in developing economies? Evidence from LA and SSA
Discussant: Syed Mansoob Murshed (ISS)
2. Kemper, Niels (Goethe University Frankfurt) & R. Klump: Land reform and the formalization of household credit in rural Vietnam
Discussant: Eva Terberger (University of Mannheim & KfW)
3. Valente, Christine (University of Nottingham): Household returns to land transfers in South Africa: A Q-squared analysis
Discussant: Niels Kemper (University of Frankfurt)
Chair and Introduction
Michael Grimm (ISS)
1. Deuchert, Eva (University of St. Gallen): What if before-after doesn't work? Evaluating Malawi's nationwide ITN distribution program
Discussant: Tobias Lechtenfeld (University of Goettingen)
3. Lechtenfeld, Tobias (University of Goettingen) et al.: 
Far from perfect? Impact evaluations of non-experimental donor programs in water supply and sanitation
Discussant: Eva Deuchert (University of St. Gallen)
Lunch at ISS
Q&A with Dutch Development Cooperation Minister Bert Koenders: "Policies for growth and equity" (Video)
Moderator: Louk de la Rive Box (ISS)
Roundtable Discussion (Video)
Moderator and short introduction: Kate Bird, ODI

Presentation; Notes

Participants: Stephan Klasen (University of Göttingen), Jan Willem Gunning (Free University of Amsterdam), Francisco Ferreira (World Bank), Rolph van der Hoeven (ISS), Tanya van Meelis (Development Bank of Southern Africa), Bert Koenders (Dutch Development Cooperation Minister)

Topic: "Enabling growth and promoting equity targeted growth policies or redistribution"
Coffee Break
Debate on confronting the crisis in poor countries with an aid-financed fiscal stimulus? A good idea? (Video)
Moderator: Jan Pronk (ISS, The Hague, former Minister for Development Cooperation in The Netherlands)
Discussants: Carlos Braga (World Bank); Giovanni Andrea Cornia (University of Florence)
Blue Lagoon (Scheveningen)
Conference Dinner


Day 2

Feedback on Day 1 and Introduction into Day 2: Joana Henseler (GTZ)
Keynote Address (Video)
Guillermo Cruces (CEDLAS, Argentina): "Perceptions of inequality and preferences for redistribution: Theory and evidence from an experimental survey"
Moderator: Joana Henseler (GTZ)

Coffee Break
Parallel Sessions II
Room no 3.26
Room no 3.01
Room no 4.26
Room Aula A
Social spending, inequality and poverty in SSA
Inequality and labor markets
Fair trade and GI: On more equal terms?
Selected issues
Chair and Introduction
Helmut Asche (University of Leipzig)
1. Gaddis, Isis (University of Goettingen) & L. Demery: Social spending and Kenya's poor
Sanjeev Sobhee (University of Mauritius)
2. Muwanika, Fred R. (University of Makerere, Uganda): Inequalities in retention on  universal primary education in Uganda
Discussant: Antonie de Kemp (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
3. Wolf, Susanna (Uneca, Ethiopia): Determinants of unequal access to water and sanitation
Discussant: Cristina Rosemberg Montes (Amsterdam Institute of International Development)
Chair and Introduction 
Rainer Thiele (Kiel Institute)
1. Pasquier-Doumer, Laure IRD-DIAL, France): Reducing inequality of opportunities in the West African urban labour markets: What kind of policy matters?
Discussant: Marcus Böhme (Kiel Institute)
2. Stokke, Hildegunn (Norwegian University, Tronheim) & J. Rattso: Wage inequality, comparative advantage and skill biased technical change in South Africa
Discussant: Tanya van Meelis (Dev. Bank of Southern Africa)
3. Wouterse, Fleur (IFPRI-Dakar): Remittances, poverty, inequality and welfare: evidence from the Central Plateau of Burkina Faso
Discussant: Toman O. Mahmoud (Kiel Institute)
Chair and Introduction
Awudu Abdulai(University of Kiel)
1. Conzo, Pierluigi (University of Rome), L. Becchetti &  G. Gianfreda: Market access, organic farming and productivity: the determinants of creation of economic value on a sample of fair trade affiliated Thai farmers
Discussant: Linda Ramcke (Kiel Institute)
2. Basu, Arnab (College of William and Mary, Williamsburg) & R. Hicks: Aversion to poverty and relative deprivation? An experimental analysis of consumers' willingness to pay for fair trade coffee
Discussant: Aslihan Arslan (Kiel Institute)
3. Jena, Pradyot (University of Hannover) & U. Grote: Changing institutions to protect regional heritage: A case for geogra-phical indications  in the Indian agrifood sector
Discussant: Aslihan Arslan (Kiel Institute)
Chair and Introduction
Francisco Ferreira (World Bank)
2. Shiferaw, Admasu (University of Goettingen): Which firms invest less under uncertainty?
Discussant: Jann Lay (University of Goettingen & GIGA)
3. Cornia, Giovanni Andrea (University of Florence, Italy) & B. Martorano:
External shocks, policy changes, and income distribution: Latin America during the last decade
Discussant: Michael Grimm (ISS)
Market Place of Ideas


  • GTZ
  • ISS
  • 3ie - Intrenational Initiative for Impact Evaluation
  • Save the Children


Posters presented:




Lunch at ISS

Parallel Sessions III
Room no 4.26
Room no 3.01
Room no 3.26
Room Aula A
Conditional cash transfer programs in Latin America
Rural inequality and policies
Deprived children and child work
Access to and quality of education
Chair and Introduction
Patricia Silva (GTZ)
2. Vigorito, Andrea (Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay) et al.: CCTs, social capital and empowerment. Evidence for the Uruguayan PANES
Discussant: Guillermo Cruces (CEDLAS)
3. Gaarder, Marie (3ie, International Initiative for Impact Evaluation) et al.: 
Conditional cash transfers and health: unpacking the causal chain
Discussant: Marcus Böhme (Kiel Institute)
Chair and Introduction
Jann Lay (University of Goettingen and GIGA)
1. Kluve, Jochen (RWI Essen) et al.: Poverty impacts of rural electrification programmes - evidence from Rwanda
Discussant: Susanna Wolf (UNECA)
2. Molini, Vasco (VU University Amsterdam) et al.: 
Safety nets and income profiles: evidence from two rounds of Ghanaian household data
Discussant: Awudu Abdulai (University of Kiel)
Chair and Introduction
Gerhard Ressel (BMZ)
1. Nimeh, Zina (University of Maastricht)
& R. Bauchmuller: 
Out of school: A look at deprived children in Jordan
Discussant: Toman O. Mahmoud (Kiel Institute)
2. Robert Sparrow (Erasmus University Rotterdam and IZA) & K. Kis-Katos: Child work and schooling under trade liberalization in Indonesia
Discussant: Jane Sautter (GTZ)
3. Pham, Tra T.T. (University of Groningen) & H.V. Nguyen: Child schooling and child work decisions in Vietnamese rural households
Discussant: Alexander Freese (GTZ)
Chair and Introduction
Stephan Klasen (University of Goettingen)
1. Silber, Jacques & J. Deutsch: Estimating an educational production function for 5 countries of LA on the basis of the PISA data
Discussant: Rolph van der Hoeven (ISS)
2. Longwe, Abiba (Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands) et al.: Effects of family planning outcomes on primary school attendance 
Discussant: Joana Henseler (GTZ)
3. Novella, Rafael (University of Essex) & C. Cancho: Removing barriers to access to education in Peru. Estimating the effects of a cash transfer program on school attendance
Discussant: Arjun Bedi (ISS)

Coffee Break
Best Practice Awards (Introduction and Laudatio: Michael Grimm)
Preselected projects:
Outlook to the PEGNet Conference 2010 at the Development Bank of Southern Africa in Midrand, SA (Tanya van Meelis, Development Bank of Southern Africa)

Closing Cocktail

PEGNet in short

PEGNet Flyer (PDF)
Videos (on youtube)