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Workshop 2006

Following contributions and presentations were given at the first PEGNet Workshop on Poverty Reduction, Equity, and Growth: New Issues and Findings, Kiel (Germany), April 28, 2006, and are publicly available:


Abdulai, A. (2006). Economic reforms and household welfare in a transition economy: evidence from Tajikistan. Department of food economics and consumption studies, University of Kiel. 

Agüero, J., Carter, M.R., and Woolard, I. (2006). From flows to stocks: the impact of unconditional cash transfers on human capital, (preliminary draft).

Araujo, C., Ferreira, F., Lanjouw P., and Özler, B. (2005). Local inequality and project choice in a social investment fund. The World Bank (first draft).

Asadullah, M. N. (2006). Intergenerational economic mobility in rural Bangladesh. Department of economics, University of Oxford.

Bibi, S. (2006). When is economic growth pro-poor? Evidence from Tunisia.

Bouma, J.A. and Scott, C.A. (2006). The possibilities for dryland crop yield improvement in India's semi-arid regions- observations from the field.

Bresson, F. (2006). Poverty: looking for the real elasticities (first draft).

Brück, T. and Van den Broeck, K. (2005). On the welfare effects of working in agriculture in Mozambique.

Chen, X. (2006). Is pro-growth institutional reform also pro-poor?: State-owned enterprises reform, inequality and poverty in urban China. OECD Development Centre (draft).

Cogneau, D., Grimm M., and Robilliard, A.-S. (2003). Evaluating poverty reduction policies. The contribution of micro-simulation techniques. In: Cling, J.-P., Razafindrakato, M., and Roubaud, F. (eds.), New international poverty reduction strategies, London: Routledge.

Cogneau, D. and Robilliard, A.-S. (2006). Simulating targeted policies with macro impacts: poverty alleviation policies in Madagascar.

Günther, I. and Harttgen, K. (2006). Households' vulnerability to covariate and idiosyncratic shocks. Department of Economics, University of Göttingen (preliminary draft).

Klasen, S. and Misselhorn, M. (2005). Determinants of the growth semi-elasticity of poverty reduction. University of Göttingen (draft). 

Klump, R. and Prüfer, P. (2006). How to prioritize policies for pro-poor growth: applying Bayesian model averaging to Vietnam. Department of Economics, University of Frankfurt.

Langer, A. and Stewart, F. (2006). Horizontal inequalities: explaining persistence and change.

McKay, A. (2006). Promoting pro-poor growth in the run-up to 2015: critical challenges and policy issues?

Nicita, A. (2006). Export led growth, pro poor or not? Evidence from Madagascar's textile and apparel industry. World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No. 3841.

Pham, T. H. (2006). Trade liberalization and rural nonfarm employment in Vietnam. Department of Economics, University of Sussex. 

Rattsø, J. and Stokke, H. E. (2006). Barriers to growth and skill-biased income distribution in South Africa: Ramsey model growth analysis. Department of Economics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

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