PEGNet Conference 2009

Policies for Reducing Inequality in the Developing World

03 - 04 Sep 2009

Conference Theme

Focusing on the role of ‘Policies for Reducing Inequality in the Developing World’, the PEGNet Conference once again provided a platform for high-level dialogue between development researchers, practitioners and policy-makers. The two conference days featured sessions based on invited and contributed papers, debates, round tables and keynote speeches by renowned speakers from academia, economic policy and development practice, as well as a Best Practice Award for effective interaction between research and practice. Invited speakers and discussants included Kate Bird (ODI), Carlos Braga (World Bank), Giovanni Andrea Cornia (University of Florence), Guillermo Cruces (CEDLAS), Francisco Ferreira (World Bank), Jan Willem Gunning (Free University of Amsterdam), Rolph van der Hoeven (ISS, former director at ILO), Stephan Klasen (University of Göttingen), Tanya van Meelis (Development Bank of Southern Africa) and Jan Pronk (ISS, The Hague, former Minister for Development Cooperation in The Netherlands). An additional highlight at the this years conference was a Q & A session with Bert Koenders, the current Development Cooperation Minister in The Netherlands.